Premium Ceramic Coatings

Siramic Detail is the Premier Paint Protection & Ceramic Coating Organization in the Greater Houston Area

Siramic Detail is a multiple location organization comprised of highly trained and dedicated individuals in the detailing and ceramic coating industry. Based out of the Greater Houston Area, we specialize in exterior & interior ceramic coatings, car detailing, paint correction, paint protection film installations and traditional in-house detailing. Call us today to transform your vehicle and let us protect it from the daily wears and tears of life.

Our Locations

Siramic Detail is proud to offer premium ceramic coatings and auto detailing at all of our locations.

Premier Paint Protection At Every Location

Our certified Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat installers insure that every ceramic coating installation is held to the highest standards. Founded in Katy, Texas in 2016 we now serve Katy, Houston and all of the surrounding areas. Siramic Detail’s award-winning cool-temperature paint correction brings your vehicle back to life and enhances the outcome of our ceramic coatings without risking burning through or damaging the vehicles’ clear coat. New car coating protection packages are designed to keep your vehicle looking new for the entire time you own it. Check out our Contact Page for a Ceramic coating location near you!

Paint Protection Film

Ceramic coatings are designed to protect your vehicle from chemical and environmental hazards. Paint protection film installed on high impact areas can prevent or reduce the damage done by gravel, rocks and road debris. Siramic Detail’s paint protection film is designed to not only help prevent rock chips in your paint but also match the gloss of our ceramic coatings without adding any texture to your vehicle’s finish.

Protect Your Investment

After purchasing a car, taking the extra steps for paint protection might seem like overkill. However, when you’ve driven thousands of miles of gravel-covered highways and have all but forgotten about your investment, your car’s paint will still look and feel brand new. Your car will retain its beauty and – more importantly – its value. Learn more about how Siramic Detail can help you protect your investment.

Ceramic Coatings

Siramic Detail certified ceramic coating centers serve Katy, Houston and surrounding areas. Our highly trained detail staff installs only the highest quality ceramic coatings in the industry from brands like Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat so you can be sure your ceramic coating will not only look amazing, but will outlast the warranty it carries from the manufacturer. All of our ceramic coating packages include a decontamination wash + clay (to remove contaminants/wax/residue), polishing (for new vehicles) and/or paint correction services (for older vehicles) to enhance the vehicles’ paint to produce the best outcome and overall finish of your ceramic coating.

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