Siramic Detail

The leading nano ceramic coating, paint protection film and ceramic window tint installer in Conroe. Siramic Detail installs more ceramic coatings than any other facility in Houston and the surrounding area. Car detailing in Conroe Texas.

Our Specialty:

Ceramic Coating

At Siramic Detail we were founded on ceramic coatings and client service. We perform complete vehicle inspections with paint depth reading and every coating installed is reported to Carfax. After one visit, you’ll find out why Siramic Detail is the best ceramic coating installer in the Houston area. All of our locations and staff have been specially trained in paint correction and finishing out black paint. Your car will have a deeper, wetter shine with absolutely no marring or buffer marks. Every. Single. Time. Our ceramic specialists understand the science behind ceramic coatings so you can be sure you’ll get a long and happy life out of your Holy Grail coating. All of our locations are authorized and exclusive installers of Holy Grail Ceramic Coatings which are 100% made in the USA!

The Roads Are Dangerous

Paint Protection Film

Kiss rock chips goodbye with Holy Grail Ceramics Paint protection film, PPF or Clear bra installed by Siramic Detail. Paint protection film is important on the Houston roads. If you spend any time on the interstate you’ve heard the constant sound of rocks and light debris smacking the front of your vehicle. Each one leaves a mark on your car’s surface. Not to mention the swirls and light lines they leave in the paint. With our automatic self-healing paint protection film you can be protected from rock chips, light road debris and even swirls! Each PPF install comes with a 10 year warranty or lifetime warranty if you install a Holy Grail nano ceramic coating with it!

Get Rid Of Swirls

Paint Correction

Over time life on the road can take its toll on an unprotected automotive surface resulting in reduced gloss and color depth. Dirt in the air, improper washes, abrasives and tunnel washes can leave their marks on your vehicle’s paint in the form of fine swirling. Swirls look like spider webs on your cars surface. Whenever you bring your vehicle out in the sun, you may be able to see them. The only way to properly remove them and restore your vehicle’s lost gloss is with a paint correction from Siramic Detail. Our proprietary polishing and correcting methods don’t produce large amounts of heat so your vehicles surface won’t be burned and your clear coat will remain in tact. With state of the art paint depth gauging software we are able to tell just how much clear coat is left so we can remain within safe levels.

Heat and Light Rejection for the Houston Roads

Ceramic Window Tint

At Siramic Detail we install both standard and ceramic window tint. Standard window tint darkens the appearance of your windows and give you privacy while ceramic tint both darkens your windows and reduces the amount of heat that is transmitted to the cab of your vehicle. We have many different shades available for side windows, rear window and even windshield tint!

Keeping Life Clean

Detailing Services

A nano ceramic coating is a one-time install but what about when you need a good clean for the weekend? If you need car detailing in Houston, Katy, Conroe or the surrounding areas then find a Siramic Detail near you and you will get a clean that you won’t even believe. From basic interior and exterior detailing all the way to full reconditioning and shampoo services Siramic Detail is the best detailing in Houston.

Tesla Specialists

Tesla Ceramic Coating and PPF

At Siramic Detail we have applied Holy Grail nano ceramic coatings to countless Tesla finishes, because of this, we are very familiar with working on all colors of Tesla paint, glass and interior surfaces as well. Whether you need paint correction, paint protection film, ceramic coating, Tesla rock chip protection or all of the above, you can rest assured your Tesla in in great hands.


What Our Clients Say About Our Nano Ceramic Coatings:

Amazing service! They did an amazing job on my nano ceramic coating. The level of professionalism that this shop has is 2nd to none and should serve as an example for anyone that is in a customer service role. Not cheap but worth every penny and then some. Can’t wait to have the time for them to do my truck as well. I have found my new details shop! You guys are AWESOME!!!


I have had ceramic coating done on previous cars, but nothing done to the level and care these guys and girls do. Hands down the best experience and attention to detail I have ever seen. Dropped off Friday at 9 am and picked up early Saturday. Price was right, service was right, and quality was right. If you don’t go to them you are wasting your money.


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