Tesla Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film

Tesla Ceramic Coating and PPF

Siramic Detail understands Tesla owners. We know you care about your vehicle more than others and want to keep it protected and looking new for its whole life. With a ceramic coating and PPF from Siramic Detail you can protect your cars finish and its value by preventing fading, oxidation, UV damage, bug and bird splatter etching, rock chips and scratches (with PPF)! We handle Tesla vehicles more often than any other shop in the Houston area which is why we understand what your Tesla needs which is why we offer Tesla ceramic coating and PPF.

Ceramic Coating

Prevent Staining

Every Tesla can benefit from a ceramic coating. While our coatings do increase gloss and make your vehicle look better, it’s not all about looks. Our coatings from Holy Grail Ceramics prevent fading, oxidation, UV damage, bug splatter stains, bird dropping stains and keep your Tesla’s finish looking new! We have various coatings available ranging from 2 year warranty to lifetime warranty!

Paint Protection Film

Prevent Rock Chips

Paint protection film protects your Tesla from rock chips, scratches, impacts and other road hazards that would normally chip or remove the paint. PPF is available in black, clear high gloss and clear stealth (matte) finishes. Keep your vehicle’s original look with the clear gloss or give it a completely stealth look with the matte finish, the choice is up to you! Our process in application prevents damage to your finish. Tesla PPF must be applied by a fully trained professional installer.

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