1-3 Year Warranty Ceramic Coating

A 1-3 year ceramic coating from Siramic Detail is great way to keep your vehicle protected and looking great. TThese coatings are perfect for an introduction to ceramic coating and leased vehicles. These are entry level coatings that provide advanced protection over waxes and sealants with a much higher resistance to bug/bird drop/chemical etching, fading, oxidation and UV damage. Best of all, there’s no more waxing or polishing and that deep, wet gloss is always just a wash away!

1-3 Year Coatings Include:

  • Certified Prep process
  • Clay treatment
  • 20%-30% paint correction
  • Light interior clean
  • 1, 2 or 3 year ceramic coating
  • Coating exterior painted surfaces, lights, badges, trim pieces and rim faces


  • Enhanced protection from the elements
  • Enhanced swirl resistance over standard clear coat
  • Enhanced hydrophobic properties
  • Deeper shine, increased gloss
  • Protection from bug/bird drop etching
  • Protection from fading, oxidation and UV damage
  • No more waxing or polishing

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