RV Detailing and Ceramic Coating

RV Detailing and Ceramic Coating

We all know an RV is not just a fun way to explore the world, they’re also a major investment. Now you can protect your investment with an RV ceramic coating from Siramic Detail. Whether you’re looking for a deeper gloss, better reflections, protection from the elements or just to make your RV easier to clean, an RV ceramic coating from Siramic Detail will keep your second Houston home on wheels looking great for many years to come! Not ready for an RV ceramic coating just yet? Siramic Detail also offers a full suite of detailing options to keep your RV clean and spotless!

Which Coating?

Teflon vs. RV Ceramic Coating

There are plenty of options when it comes to RV protection. The dealership has likely recommended using a teflon coating. We always recommend using a ceramic coating over teflon as the RV ceramic coating is harder, slicker, lasts longer and performs better over time. Teflon coatings lose their properties and degrade much faster than ceramics and wear faster due to their softer finish. Our RV coating from Holy Grail Ceramics was designed to out perform teflon on every single factor

What About The Inside?

RV Interior Protection

When you’re out and about, you live in your RV. Sure you want the outside protected but what about the RV interior protection? At Siramic Detail we not only have great RV exterior protection, we also offer complete interior protection packages. The RV interior protection package from Siramic Detail covers all carpet, fabric, vinyl and leather. This coating for the interior lasts up to 5 years to keep your home free of fading, oxidation and stains! Send us photos or bring your RV by for a free evaluation on what we can do to protect your motor home!

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