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Holy Grail Ceramics Paint Protection Film

The Holy Grail Ceramics team has been manufacturing paint protection film since 1999. Some of the biggest names in the industry are using HGC PPF. That’s why we trust our name and our clients in the Houston area to Holy Grail clear bra. We install HGC top of the line paint protection film in Houston. It is called Holy Grail Lustro. Lustro PPF boasts an industry leading lifetime warranty against yellowing, cracking and peeling on its own or a lifetime and performs even better when applied with a Holy Grail ceramic coating. PPF can be applied to as little as 18 inches of the hood up to the entire vehicle. We’ve listed some of the most important factors when choosing a PPF installer and brand below.

Reflections Matter

Paint Protection Film Clarity

Clarity is one of the most important factors when choosing a PPF. Some clear bra can add “orange peel” texture to your cars finish which robs it of shine and that crystal clear reflection you’ve fallen in love with. Holy Grail Ceramics PPF doesn’t add any texture to your finish. You have a great reflection and no distraction from your rolling mirror! It is available in both high gloss and matte finishes!

Protection Matters


Clear bra durability is key on Houston roads. How well does it stand up to gravel, rocks, road debris and even the occasional bump or scuff in the driveway? While no paint protection film is bullet proof, Holy Grail PPF has passed all of our tests for durability against impacts, scuffs etc. We are confident Holy Grail clear bra will be there when it counts!

Install Quality Matters

How Does It Fit?

All Siramic Detail locations use computer cut patterns on all clear bra in Houston when available. This helps us get the most accurate fitment possible with the minimum use of blades on your vehicle. We wrap any edges we can on full hood/front installations so you have the most seamless install possible. Siramic Detail also offers a complimentary follow up appointment on all PPF installs to make any necessary adjustments to the PPF and help us ensure that you received the best install possible.

Lifespan Matters


At Siramic Detail we recommend Holy Grail paint protection film due to its unmatched clarity, durability and warranty. It’s the only paint protection film on the market that is able to provide our clients with an industry-leading lifetime warranty. (when paired with a pro-grade coating) Paint protection film is now truly a once in a lifetime project!

Cost Matters


Rock chip protection film is a one-time purchase. We believe it should be installed properly so you never have to have to think about it again. If you are looking for the lowest-cost solution for your vehicle, then we are not the right shop for you. However, if you’re looking for an outstanding product, great install and quality work done by people who care, then you’re in the right place! All of our paint protection film Houston pricing is based solely upon square footage. It’s tired upon whether we have a pattern or not and the type of film used. We don’t simply “wing it”, our pricing for PPF is set and doesn’t change based on the vehicle. You don’t have to worry about the price suddenly changing or being over-charged because you have a sports or super car.

Popular Packages – click here to see popular rock chip protection pakcages. The prices listed below are only starting prices and not actual quotes. Pricing is based on pattern size and the amount of film used. You will need to contact us to get an accurate quote for your vehicle.

Bumper Only – this package usually starts at $350 for small car bumpers

Partial Front – 18 inches of the hood and fenders, headlights and front bumper. This package usually starts around $600 for small 2-door cars

Full Front – full hood, full fenders, front bumper, headlights, mirror backs This package usually starts around $1200 for small 2-door cars

High Impact – full hood, full fenders, front bumper, headlights, mirror backs, rockers, rear splash guards, roof valence and a pillars This package usually starts around $1500 for small 2-door cars

Full Car – covers as much of the exterior painted surfaces as possible This package usually starts around $3500 for small 2-door cars.

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