Paint Correction

Paint correction from Siramic Detail is the best way to get the most out of your vehicle’s finish. Even a brand new vehicles finish can be enhanced to provide a deeper gloss and more of a mirror finish with our paint correction. With our certified processes, we can achieve a deeper color, higher gloss and more mirror-like finish than your vehicle had on the show room floor. For older vehicles, over time swirl marks can accumulate from improper washing, drive through car washes, brushes and even road debris causing a loss of gloss, color depth and shine. The only way to truly restore your paint’s depth is by paint correction. Here at Siramic Detail, all of our locations have been trained to use a multi-stage buffing and polishing process to properly remove imperfections without leaving buffer marks or hazing (even on black paint). Our cool temperature polishing process prevents clear coat damage by keeping the working temperature of the paint as low as possible during the process. Our mission is to help you maintain your vehicle in an optimal condition at all times. All of our paint correction project first undergo our certified prep process which includes a clay bar treatment, de-iron and chemical decontamination. This process removes any contaminants that have bonded to your vehicles’ clear coat allowing us to get the best results out of your vehicles’ finish

Although waxing can hide those surface scratches and swirl marks, it is only a temporary solution. Wax acts as a cover-up for those imperfections by filling them in, but doesn’t truly remove them. Over time it fades with washing and the heat begins to break the wax down quickly exposing the once-hidden swirls.  Our paint correction removes a fine layer of clear coat to get past those swirls without risking clear coat strength.  Once your clear coat is in optimal condition, your paint will have that mirror-like reflective shine. After our paint correction process is complete, your car is ready for our sealants or ceramic coating. Our paint correction process will leave your vehicle looking brighter than ever. Whether your vehicle is brand new or 10 years old, a complete paint correction from Siramic Detail can bring out the best in your vehicles’ finish. Call one of our certified locations to schedule an appointment today!


  • Increases resale value
  • Mirror-like reflection
  • Removes “haziness” in paint
  • Removes fine scratches / swirling and buffer marks left by other detailers
  • Brings paint back to life
  • Multi-stage cutting, buffing and polishing process
  • Flawless finish
  • Paint decontamination
  • Enhance’s paint color’s depth

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