Paint Correction

Siramic Detail brings premium paint correction to Houston, Katy and Conroe. Our swirl removal packages are the key to having great results from any of our ceramic coatings. At the heart of Siramic Detail lies our Proprietary correction, buffing and polishing process that was developed in Houston TX. Through our customized correction process we don’t introduce large amounts of heat to your vehicle’s painted surfaces. This helps to prevent paint swelling, burn and cut through. Excessive amounts of heat introduced by standard polishing procedures weaken your vehicle’s clear coat and can actually hide swirls instead of remove them.

Avoid “false correction” with Siramic Detail and our proprietary correction system. We offer three levels of polishing and paint correction so you can find the one that fits your needs best. Unlike most places, we don’t use any fillers to hide the swirling so whatever you see is your actual results. All of our detailing professionals are specially trained to polish black paint without leaving any buffer marks or hazing so you can be sure your black will be deeper and wetter than it’s ever been before. That’s why we are the experts on paint correction in Houston, Katy, Conroe and the surrounding area.

Deepen Color

Express Polish

The express polish or light swirl removal is great when the vehicle doesn’t need a heavy paint correction. It removes approximately 20% of the surface swirling so if you’re concerned with removing swirls or surface defects, this isn’t the correct package for you. Brighten up your color and deepen your gloss with this express polishing service. This is best paired with our 6 month or 2 year ceramic coating. 

Express Polish Pricing:

2-Door $125

4-Door $150

Small Truck/SUV $175

Large Truck/SUV $200

Remove Fine Lines

Single Stage Paint Correction

The single stage correction is our most popular polishing package and is the minimum that we recommend for our 5 year 7 year and Holy Grail ceramic coatings as it removes approximately 50% of surface defects and is perfect for swirl removal. This is where you will begin to get the “juiciness” and depth in your paint and color. It is also a great paint correction for brand new cars to bring our the richness and depth in your cars paint to make it look better than when it was on the showroom floor!  Pricing starts at $449 for 2-door vehicles.

Pure Perfection

Complete Paint Correction

The most aggressive buffing package we offer is our complete paint correction. This multi-stage process removes up to 97% of surface defects and swirling which gives you a finish that is as close to perfect as humanly possible while maintaining clear coat integrity. We measure the paint depth as we go to ensure your paint is still healthy and looks better than when you purchased it. This complete paint correction is best paired with our 5 year, 7 year or Holy Grail coatings as these coatings provide an enhanced level of protection. Complete paint correction Houston Pricing starts at $849 for 2-door vehicles.

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