Opti-Coat Pro Plus Ceramic Coating

Opti-Coat Pro Plus

Opti-Coat Pro Plus takes over where Opti-Coat Pro leaves off. Opti-Coat Pro Plus is a 2-part application, whereas Opti-Coat Pro is only one part. Its 2-step process helps increases the durability of this ceramic coating to properly protect your vehicle’s paint. Opti-Coat Pro creates a high gloss finish that’s even stronger and slicker than Opti-Coat Pro. It’s our best ceramic paint protection package for anyone looking for a highly durable solution. Opti-Coat Pro Plus bonds permanently to your vehicle’s paint with the same SiC formula as Opti-Coat Pro but the Plus provides that extra kick with a slicker, glossier finish.

7-year Ceramic Coating Includes:

  • Foam cannon pre-soak
  • Gentle hand wash
  • Clay treatment decontamination
  • Chemical decontamination and iron removal
  • Complete paint correction (reduces surface defects up to 97%)
  • Mini polish for small areas
  • Secondary Decontamination
  • 7 – year ceramic coating applied to all exterior painted surfaces, lights, badges, trim pieces and rim faces
  • Light interior clean
  • Interior / exterior glass cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned and ceramic coated


  • prevents oxidation
  • prevents UV and sun damage
  • prevents fading
  • prevents bug splatter etching
  • prevents bird dropping etching
  • prevents chemical etching
  • increased gloss
  • deepens color
  • easier to clean
  • stays cleaner, longer
  • never needs to be polished or waxed
  • doesn’t require special or annual maintenance
  • hydrophobic finish

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