New Car Protection

What’s the best way to protect you new car?

In this article we will go over new car paint protection and how to keep your vehicle looking new for life! Getting a new vehicle is exciting and we are often asked the question about the best way to protect it. You can choose to go the route of standard detailing which needs to be done every 3-6 months. You could go also the more permanent solutions which can last up to 10 years. In this article we will cover all the aspects of long-term protection offered at Siramic Detail and maintaining the appearance.

New Car Paint Correction

At Siramic Detail we deal with brand new vehicles every day and we have seen it all! From black (our specialty) to rainbow colors, we have a solution for you. Every new vehicle comes from the factory with defects and cloudiness in the paint. Vehicles that have been on the showroom suffer even more due to the constant touching and wiping done by visitors and staff. It is very common for these cars to get swirls, lines and light scratches in the paint from the unloading, unwrapping, moving and washing done by the dealership. This is why we always recommend some level of paint correction for every vehicle.

Does My New Car Need Paint Correction?

Every single vehicle, regardless of age or mileage will benefit from paint correction. When we look at automotive paint, we look for color richness and reflection depth. From the factory you will get a high-gloss reflection. With paint correction and/or polishing, you’ll gain richer color and deeper reflections which causes the vehicle to almost “glow”. With brand new colored vehicles (including white) we usually recommend a single stage paint correction. This level of correction is designed to bring out that depth and richness. Single stage paint correction also removes most of the minor defects that were so kindly “installed” by the dealership. For new black vehicles we almost always recommend a complete paint correction. The complete correction gets the paint as close to perfect as possible. A second choice would be the single stage correction which provides a great balance of correction, gloss and clarity for any color.

Protect Your New Car From Rock Chips

There is currently only one way to protect your vehicle from rock chips: paint protection film. Paint protection film is outlined in one of our other supporting articles so we won’t go into too much detail on it here. This new car paint protection can be applied to as little or as much of the vehicle as you’d like – even up to the entire body. Paint protection film helps to prevent rock chips, light scraping damage, impacts from dirt and road debris as well as light swirling and scratches The most common use for paint protection film in new car protection is for the front of the vehicle. PPF is most commonly applied to the bumper, front corner fenders and hood (either full or partial). Unlike the film that is commonly applied at dealerships, Siramic Detail uses non-yellowing film that comes with a lifetime warranty against yellowing, clouding, peeling and cracking.

New Car Ceramic Paint Protection

As the EPA places tighter restrictions on manufacturers and the types/qualities of paints they can use, Automotive paints are becoming more and more susceptible to harsh environments and chemicals. The most common issues we see are fading, oxidation, UV damage, bug splatter etching, bird dropping etching and chemical etching. Once these chemicals etch into the paint, the only way to remove them is by re-painting the piece.

The solution to the problems listed above is with a ceramic coating. Waxes and sealants don’t have the chemical makeup necessary to stand up against the acids and harsh chemicals in bugs/bird droppings. Due to their advanced chemistry, ceramic coatings have advanced protection against these harsh environmental conditions. The coatings at Siramic Detail are manufactured by Holy Grail Ceramics and have varying life expectancies and warranties ranging from 2 – 10 years. With a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle, you will no longer need to wax or polish for the life of the coating which reduces the time and cost of maintaining your vehicle. Here’s what you can expect from your ceramic coating:

  • increased gloss
  • deeper color
  • stays cleaner longer
  • easier to clean at home
  • no bug/bird etching
  • no oxidation
  • no UV damage
  • no fading

What Does My New Car Need?

At Siramic Detail we do our best to tailor each solution to your specific situation, vehicle and budget. This helps us find the perfect solution for your individual needs. Our most popular solution is paint protection film in the high impact areas of the vehicle and then topping the vehicle with a ceramic coating to protect the rest. This provides the most balanced solution of protection for the daily driver and performance vehicle alike. We always recommend bringing the vehicle by or calling one of our locations to go over the options and available solutions for your vehicle!

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