Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

Motorcycle Ceramic Coating and Detailing

Keeping a motorcycle clean and protected in Houston is no small task. That’s why we have specialized ceramic coatings designed to protect your motorcycle from whatever mother nature can throw at it! We know bikers love nothing more than having their paint sparkle and chrome turned into a mirror. That’s why Siramic Detail offers the best motorcycle ceramic coating and detailing in Houston! A motorcycle ceramic coating and motorcycle PPF protect your bike from whatever the world throws at it.

Bring Some Shine

Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

If your bike has lost some of its’ sparkle, bring it by for a polish and ceramic coating. The combination of our proprietary paint correction process and motorcycle ceramic coating deepens your paint color and brings out that deep, wet shine. Make your bike look better than the day you brought it home and keep it protected with a bike ceramic coating from Siramic Detail. Ceramic coatings provide stronger protection than any wax or sealant available. With a ceramic coating applied to your motorcycle you don’t have to wax or polish your bike for 5 years! Bike ceramic coating makes bugs easier to remove while helping to prevent staining from bug splatters and bird droppings.

We Hate Rock Chips

Paint Protection Film

Your bike is exposed to gravel and light road debris every day. Don’t let the hazards found on Houston’s roads destroy your paint. Motorcycle PPF or paint protection film applied to the high impact areas of your bike can keep your paint free of rock chips and scratches. The paint protection film is perfect for any color and self-heals light swirling out with heat. This self-healing capability helps to keep your motorcycle’s paint in excellent condition even in the face of gravel. Motorcycle PPF is the only way to keep your bike protected from rock chips.

Keep It Clean

Motorcycle Detailing

We know that most bikers love to care for their own bike. For those who don’t or those who just need some help, there’s Siramic Detail. Our motorcycle detailing packages can help you keep your bike looking great year round. Get a great clean, chrome polish and/or apply a heavy grade paint sealant to keep your bike in outstanding condition!

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