Matte Paint Protection Film

Holy Grail Stealth Paint Protection Film

The Holy Grail Ceramics Matte paint protection film is perfect for protecting your matte or satin finish from rock chips, swirls and scratches! The Stealth film can also be used to give your glossy vehicle a unique finish. Wrap just a part of the vehicle or change your vehicle’s whole finish to a slick matte. With matte paint protection film wrap you not only get a great stealth finish, you also get protection from scratches, rock chips and other road hazards. With satin or matte paint, there is no way to repair the finish once it has been scratched or stained. Matte PPF is the perfect solution to keep your non-glossy finishes looking new.

ceramic matte stealth paint protection film

Stealth Paint Protection Film

At Siramic Detail we can protection matte or satin vehicle with special stealth paint protection film designed just for matte finishes. This film can also be used to give any glossy car a great stealth finish that is smooth as silk.

stealth ppf

Custom Finish

Stealth PPF converts a standard gloss finish into a unique, smooth matte/satin finish while keeping it protected, swirl free and easy to clean.

ceramic coating detailing paint protection film

Matte Paint

If you have matte or satin paint, matte paint protection film protects your vehicle’s delicate finish from rock chips and chemical staining.

matte paint protection film

Easy Cleaning

The matte PPF from Holy Grail Ceramics makes you’re vehicle easier to clean, is self healing and protects from fading!

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If your vehicle has a matte or satin finish already, get a quote on full or partial body stealth paint protection film to keep it looking new. If your vehicle is glossy the stealth PPF can be used to create outstanding accent pieces, designs or to change your whole vehicle’s finish into a buttery smooth matte finish! Pair that with any of our ceramic coatings to get the best possible overall finish and increase the lifespan of the film! Click the button below to get a quote or book an appointment today!

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