Interior Ceramic Coating

Leather and Vinyl Ceramic Coating

Siramic Detail is about more than just the ceramic coating for the exterior of your vehicle. Our interior ceramic coating from Opti-Coat is specifically designed to protect your vehicle’s interior from fading, oxidation, UV damage, cracking and peeling. As an added bonus it also makes your interior easier to clean and maintain through all of life’s journeys. Our leather and vinyl ceramic coating will keep your vehicle looking great for years to come.

Why Interior Ceramic?

Protection You Can’t See

When you think leather and vinyl protection, you automatically think about the greasy, slimy armor dressing that is used at the car washes. An interior ceramic coating from Siramic Detail keeps the OEM finish without adding any gloss, shine or “greasy” feeling. You get to keep your OEM finish while protecting it from oxidation and UV damage. The interior coating from Siramic Detail adds no gloss, no glare, no greasy finish taking away from the experience of you ride. The finish is so smooth and clean you won’t even know it’s there.

Let Us Do The Work

It’s So Easy

If you’re like us, you don’t have the time to continually apply an interior protectant on a regular basis. With our interior ceramic coating you can have it applied once and get a up to a 5-year warranty from Opti-Coat. This saves you time, effort and money all the while keeping your vehicle’s interior protected from mother nature and your cabin guests. While it is not designed to protect your vehicle’s interior from scratches and scuffs, it does an excellent job of keeping the Texas Sun from braking down the chemistry of your leather. No additional conditioner or maintenance is required to maintain the warranty.

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