10 Year Ceramic Coating

10 - Year Ceramic Coating

The Siramic Detail 10-year automotive ceramic coating is our most popular package among those who care the most about the vehicles. If your car is part of the family, this is the ceramic coating for you. This is the culmination of our favorite aspects from each of the ceramic coatings we have ever installed. We took the best of the best and combined it all into one of the slickest, glossiest, strongest and most hydrophobic ceramic coatings on the market. We then paired that with a 10-year warranty to give our clients the best value in the industry.

Our 10-year ceramic coating doesn’t require any special or annual maintenance to retain its warranty. All you need is regular hand washing and you’ll get that freshly detailed look every time! If you want the best of the best for your vehicle, then this is the ceramic coating for you.

10 – Year Ceramic Coating Includes:

  • Foam cannon pre-soak
  • Gentle hand wash
  • Clay treatment decontamination
  • Chemical decontamination and iron removal
  • Complete paint correction (reduces surface defects up to 97%)
  • Mini polish for small areas
  • Secondary Decontamination
  • 10 – year ceramic coating applied to all exterior painted surfaces, lights, badges, trim pieces and rim faces
  • Light interior clean
  • Interior / exterior glass cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned and ceramic coated

Ceramic Protection Benefits:

  • prevents oxidation
  • prevents UV and sun damage
  • prevents fading
  • prevents bug splatter etching
  • prevents bird dropping etching
  • prevents chemical etching
  • increased gloss
  • increased slickness
  • deepens color
  • easier to clean
  • stays cleaner, longer
  • never needs to be polished or waxed
  • doesn’t require special or annual maintenance
  • super hydrophobic finish

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