Additional Services

Ceramic coating and PPF are just the start!

Siramic Detail offers many services in addition to nano coating and paint protection film. We also offer interior ceramic coating, glass coating, Transparent warranties and more. Read below or contact us for more information.


Transparent by GlassParency

We are an authorized installer for Glassparency glass coating and the Glassparency Transparent Warranty program. The glass coating provides a super hydrophobic finish on your vehicle glass enhancing vision in heavy rain while also reducing night glare and increasing clarity. The transparent warranty program offers protection against dents, rim scuffs, windshield cracks, key fob damage, interior rips, tears and burns, PPF punctures and much more. Contact us for more information on the Glassparency line of products!

Interior Protection


Full interior protection is offered when you combine the Transparent interior warranty with Opti-Coat interior ceramic coating protection. All surfaces are covered and protected from stains, rips, tears, burns and more. Comes with a 5-year term on the transparent warranty and 5 year warranty on the Opti-Coat coating..


Rim Ceramic Coating

All of our coatings include the rim faces. If you’re not getting a full ceramic coating from us, or you’d like to have the backs of the rims coated, let us know! We offer full rim, caliper and suspension pieces ceramic coating. This will help to keep the brake dust from etching into your rims surfaces. It will also make them much easier to clean, saving you time and energy!


Light Tint and Blackouts

Headlight, taillight and marker tinting are a great addition to any vehicle to give you a great blacked out stealth look. Occasionally we will also perform chrome delete, vinyl graphics and small-section wraps too! Click the contact button at the top of the page for more information on how we can give your vehicle a fresh, new look!

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