Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Window Tint

(Coming Late November 2020)

Welcome to Texas, where 80 degrees is a nice, cool day. The interior of your vehicle can reach well over 100 degrees on a hot day. You can reduce the amount of in-cabin heat and UV transmission with ceramic window tint installation from Siramic Detail. Ceramic window tint Katy provides a reduction in visible light, infrared (heat), and it blocks up to 99% of UV rays. The combination of qualities in the film helps reduce the amount of heat felt in the cab of your vehicle.

What is Ceramic Tint

Blocking The Heat and UV

What’s the difference between ceramic window tint Katy and regular tint film? Standard tint, which may be used by other shops, only reduces the amount of transmitted light. A ceramic window tint installation from Siramic Detail reduces transmitted light, UV rays and infrared (heat) transmission. At Siramic Detail we believe that our clients deserve the best products with the best possible results. We believe ceramic tint is the best possible solution to reduce the amount of heat felt in your vehicle’s cabin and that’s what we install for all of our clients.

But How Dark?

Different Shades For Everyone

At Siramic Detail we carry several shades of ceramic window tint in stock for almost any situation. Our most recommended shade is the darkest allowed by local and state laws (35%). In the rear windows of the vehicle we can go as dark as you would like. If you have a specific shade (darkness) in mind that we don’t have in stock, we can typically have it next day. Whatever your situation, Siramic Detail has you covered! Installations with an appointment can usually be returned same business day. Click the button below to schedule your appointment or get a quote for tint on the windows of your vehicle. We can cover side windows, sunroof, rear windows and windshield. Need a custom solution? Contact us for custom installations and applications.

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