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Ceramic Window Tint Katy

With these hot summers window tint in Katy serves a couple of purposes. Standard window tint only provides privacy. It darkens the window to reduce the visibility and keep people from being able to see as clearly in your windows. Ceramic window tint reduces visibility while also reducing transmitted heat and UV light. The Ceramic tint is great for reducing the heat in the cabin of your vehicle. It rejects up to 50% of the heat that is typically transmitted through the window. Siramic Detail uses all computer-cut precision tint patterns so you get a perfect fit every time! This Siramic Detail process ensures that no cutting is done on your vehicle. We have the option of both Suntek and 3M window tint available for our clients.

What is Ceramic Tint

Blocking The Heat and UV

What’s the difference between ceramic window tint Katy and regular tint film? Standard tint, only reduces the amount of transmitted light. A ceramic window tint installation from Siramic Detail reduces transmitted light, UV rays and infrared (heat) transmission. At Siramic Detail we believe that our clients deserve the best products with the best possible results. We believe ceramic tint is the best possible solution to reduce the amount of heat felt in your vehicle’s cabin and that’s what we install for all of our clients.

But How Dark?

Different Shades For Everyone

Siramic Detail carries several different shads of standard and ceramic window tint in Katy. In the standard option we carry 35% to maintain legal standards for the majority of our clients. Please note that standard does not reject the heat that is transmitted to the cab of your vehicle.

In ceramic tint we carry various shades to choose from. Our most popular shade is the darkest legal all the way around which provides a great balance of privacy and heat rejection.

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