Ceramic Pro Sport Package

The Ceramic Pro Sport package is the ideal package for anyone looking for the best 6-month ceramic coating for cars and trucks. This package is the perfect introduction package to try out ceramic coating. It comes with a six-month warranty and 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Sport on all exterior painted surfaces, lights badges, trim pieces and rim faces. Ceramic Pro Sport protects your paint from bird dropping stains, insect stains and many other chemical contaminants that easily corrode your paint. It also helps prevents your exterior from fading and oxidation due to harsh UV rays. Ceramic Pro Sport is a significant upgrade from waxing your vehicle regularly and provides a deeper gloss than any car wax on the market.

Ceramic Pro Bronze Includes:

  • Detail Hand Wash
  • Clay Treatment
  • Chemical Decontamination
  • Secondary Prep Wash
  • Express Polish (20% Paint Correction)
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Sport
  • 6 Month Warranty


  • Hydrophobic Effect
  • Repels Environmental Contaminants
  • Chemically Bonds to Paint
  • Stays Cleaner, Longer
  • Durable 6-Month Paint Protection
  • Lasts Longer Than Wax
  • High Gloss Finish
  • 6-Month Warranty

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