3M Window Tint

3M Ceramic Window Tint Katy / Conroe

Reduce Heat

3M ceramic IR series window tint is the best way to reduce the amount of heat that is transmitted into your cabin. Reducing transmitted heat by up to 60%, 3M ceramic IR tint is one of the best rated films in the industry.

Ceramic Tint

The Ceramic IR series film from 3M rejects up to 99% of the suns harmful UV rays. This helps prevent sun damage to the interior of your cabin as well as preventing sun damage to your passengers skin on long road trips!

Reduce Glare

The 3M Ceramic IR series windows tint reduces glare produced by sunlight, reflections and headlights. This can help make your ride home safer and make it easier to see your surroundings by reducing incoming glare.

Click the picture above to visit the 3M window tint simulator. We can order any of these shades but please call our locations for current availability of different films and shades.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic tint from 3M is the best solution for the Hot Texas summers. Reduce heat, glare, UV rays and increase your privacy level. Ceramic not only darkens the windows, it can reduce transmitted heat by up to 60% which keeps your vehicles cabin cooler when parked outside. It blocks UV ray transmission up to 99% to prevent sun damage to both vehicle and passengers. Available in shades ranging from 5% to 70% it can be made as dark or as light as you’d like. The Ceramic IR comes with a lifetime warranty from 3M.

Standard Window Tint

Standard window tint from 3M provides an outstanding look and privacy level for your vehicle. Not quite as good for heat rejection as the ceramic, the obsidian tint from 3m reduces transmitted heat buy up to 30%. Obsidian is a great value film to decrease transmitted heat, UV rays and add a level of privacy to your vehicle. It is available in shades from 5% to 70% which gives you the same level of customization as the ceramic. The standard tint is a great solution for the individual who prioritizes privacy and budget over heat rejection.

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